Donate Monthly

We have set a goal of 100 monthly donors at $10/month.  This is all it would take to fully support our grassroots work in Nicaragua annually -- anything above this can expand our training programs.  Will you support this incredible work by becoming a monthly sustaining Village Builder

  • $10/month can pay for a oil stabilized earthen floor for a family
  • $20/month can pay for an improved wood fired cookstove for one household, providing a healthier environment for the family  
  • $35/month can pay for wall plasters and built in furniture for a family
  • $50/month can pay for a composting toilet and annual support in learning how to use and maintain  
  • $100/month can pay for building materials for an entire season of home improvements for three families! 

Workshop participants are taking what they've learned, combining it with indigenous knowledge, and transferring these skills to others in their communities and villages.

Who's donating